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Welcome to the Fort Town Steampunk Festival's
Parasol Dueling Tournament!

The Rules are as follows:

1. Only two participants per duel.

2. All duelists will participate in three rounds of duels, dueling with a different person at each round.

3. Each duelist will receive a steampunked parasol from the referee, after an inspection by the referee.

4. The duel starts by having both duelists stand back to back.

5. The referee will start a countdown for five (5) steps. Regular walking steps are to be taken. Large irregular steps are not allowed.

6. After five (5) steps are taken, both duelists turn around and pose from a choice of three figures, when the referee tells them to "turn & pose." Figures are used to determine the outcome of a round and are similar to the game of Rock, Paper, & Scissors.

The Plant (Rock)
Parasol is held point down to the ground in front of the duelist, shoulders slightly arched forward.

The Twirl (Paper)
Parasol is opened and placed on the shoulder and twirled.

The Snub (Scissors)
Parasol is held pointing towards the opponent and opened.


Plant beats Snub

Twirl beats Plant

Snub beats Twirl

7. If both duelists match. They are asked to turn and start once more. This is repeated until a winner is declared by the referee.

8. The winning duelist will be awarded points as follows:
1st pose = 5 points
2nd pose = 4 points
3rd pose = 3 points
4th pose = 2 points
5th and additional poses = 1 point

The eight (8) duelists with the highest amount of points will advance to the quarterfinals. The four (4) winners will advance to the semi-finals. The two (2) remaining duelists will have
final duel to decide the winner of the tournament.

A prize will be awarded for the winner of the tournament.

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