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Fort Town Steampunk Festival's
Soft Dart Gun Dueling Rules

This British-rules tournament will involve the following rules:

1. Only two participants per duel. The participants must wear eye protection, which will be available at the Festival.

2. All duelists will participate in three rounds of duels, dueling with a different person at each round.

3. Each duelist will receive a steampunked Nerf pistol from the referee, after an inspection and instructed by the referee on how to load and fire the pistol.

4. Each duelist will be given five (5) foam darts. Two darts will be loaded before the start of the duel. The other three (3) darts can be carried on the duelist's free hand, or any pockets or pouches.

5. Before the start of the duel, both duelists will have a chance to "air their grievances" against their opponent. This will be done for entertainment and in a jocular manner. For example: "You are a scoundrel and your airship offends my view of the sky! Therefore, I shall end you." Foul or explicit language is prohibited.

6. The duel starts by having both duelists stand back to back.

7. The referee will start a countdown for five (5) steps. Regular walking steps are to be taken. Large irregular steps are not allowed. Most simple foam blasters are not know for distance, so please keep it short.

8. After five (5) steps are taken, both duelists turn around and fire their weapons when the referee tells them to "turn & fire." The duel is won by "first blood." So any hit on any part of the body is considered a win, and if both hit each other, the first one to hit their opponent wins.

9. After both duelists fire their first shots, if both contestants miss, they can reload their weapons and fire again at their own speed.

10. Dodging and running around is not allowed. The duel is a matter of honour and bravery. Trying to escape defeat by avoiding their projectile is considered a cowardly act. Dodging of more than one step in any direction will disqualify the duelist.

11. If both contestants miss all their shots, or in the unlikely case that they hit each other at the same time, then they will settle the duel with a "Rock, Paper, Scissors" game.

12. For fun and giggles, it is encouraged for the defeated dueller to act out their injury. "Avast! I have been shot! Goodbye cruel world!"

13. Both duelists are obligated to pick up the darts they used from the dueling area. Failure to do so invites disqualification.

14. The winning duelist will be awarded points as follows:
1st shot = 5 points
2nd shot = 4 points
3rd shot = 3 points
4th shot = 2 points
5th shot or Rock, Paper, Scissors = 1 point

The eight (8) duelists with the highest amount of points will advance to the quarterfinals. The four (4) winners will advance to the semi-finals. The two (2) remaining duelists will have
final duel to decide the winner of the tournament.

Prizes are awarded for the winner of the tournament & best death scene.

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