Welcome to the Gaming Room.
A sacred place where we all meet to drink, play, and be merry.
We invite you play one or all of the following games.

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To begin the board is empty, and each player has nine pieces in hand. Players decide at random who goes first.

Placement & Movement:

  • Each player takes it in turn to place a piece on any intersection on the board.
  • When all of the pieces are entered, players instead move a piece on the board along a marked line to the adjacent point.
  • When a player is reduced to three (3) pieces, that player's pieces may move freely to any vacant intersection.

Capturing enemies:
  • When a player forms a row of three (3) friendly pieces along a marked line (called a "mill"), an enemy piece may be taken.
  • Any piece may be selected that is not itself in a row of three (3) enemies.

To win:
  • When one player is reduced to two (2) pieces and is therefore unable to form a mill, then the game is over and that player has lost.

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