Fort Town Steampunk Festival The Greatest Steampunk Invention Contest

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Steampunk is all about the spirit of invention and unlimited possibilities. It’s about capturing the feeling from long ago that you could do anything if you could figure out how to make just the right machine to do it with.

Your mission is to invent an impossible machine. What will it be? What will it do?

And now, a word on the rules:

1. Enter just one machine, even if you have a thousand great ideas (write a book or keep returning with new machines every year!)
2. The
deadline for entries is June 5th at 11:59pm.
3. Remember to complete
The Greatest Steampunk Invention Contest form.
4. Steampunk describes a fictional Victorian Era, where modern electrical/digital technology does not exist, so society is left to create complex mechanical machines to complete many tasks done by today's technology. So, no major electrical/digital parts that are the primary source for its functionality. As an inventor told me, Steampunk machines do not need flashing lights. They can be beautiful in their simplicity. Second, it must be functional, it must serve a useful purpose.
5. You are encouraged to include an Invention Journal, to record your ideas, goals, changes, successes, and failures. This is important to your presentation in front of the judges.
6. It must fit within a 16ft square footprint and be no taller than 5'
7. It may
NOT use hazardous chemicals, flammable materials, explosives, or flames.
8. It may use compressed air. Only one hose is allowed to go to the invention.
9. The judges need a way of seeing the internal mechanism that make your machine work.
10. Remember the Golden Rule, IT NEEDS TO BE SAFE. Therefore,
NOTHING DANGEROUS. For example, we will not be accepting any Beauty & the Beast wood chopping machine.

All submissions must be approved before they are presented at the Fort Town Steampunk Festival.

Good Luck
May Your Inspiration & Creativity Illuminate Our World.

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