Fort Town Steampunk Festival Steampunk Costume Contest

Many in the Steampunk community create some fantastic outfits. The outfit can include accessories such as ray guns, packs, etc., but even a cool simplified Steampunk/Victorian outfit could make a splash at our contest.

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Contest Guidelines

1. Anyone wishing to participate in the contest must register in advance online or onsite at the festival's Steampunk Costume Contest Desk (location to be determined).
2. We will award a grand prize to the winner.
3. Anyone in costume is welcome to participate. Entries are judged individually on their costume and presentation (you will have 30 seconds on stage, unless the judges have questions). "Remember, presentation is important; bring attention to what is awesome about your costume."
4. Please keep costumes/presentations G - PG rated. Costumes deemed indecent or inappropriate will be disqualified and will not be allowed on stage. If your presentation becomes inappropriate while on stage, you will be asked to leave and consequently be disqualified. The judges make all final decisions with no explanation required. If you have questions as to the suitability of your costume/presentation, it is your best interest to contact the Event Coordinator well prior to the contest (
5. Remember festival weapons rules: peace tied AT ALL TIMES. Fire, flame, or projectiles of any and all sorts are completely prohibited, along with anything messy, sticky, gooey, oily, etc. as part of your presentation. Please leave the stage area in the same condition as when you step foot on it. You are responsible to clean up if you leave a mess; items left on stage, or as outlined above.
6. Live animals are not allowed (see Rules & Safety section).
7. The judges have complete, full, and final authority over all aspects of the Costume Contest, including the possibility of any rule exception.

Steampunk Costume Contest Entry Form

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