The Greater Fort Town Area Charity knows that the success of an event depends every year on the dedication and hard work of its volunteers. We need an army of volunteers to help with registration, supporting vendors, maintaining cleanliness of the property, setting up and closing, providing information to attendees, acting in our Mystery Adventure, and bringing this event to life.

Some of the people and groups who volunteer with the Fort Town Night Run include:
  • Steampunk enthusiasts wanting to raise awareness about such events;
  • Members of the community who want to take part in the excitement;
  • Groups who come together to volunteer and raise funds for charities;
  • School groups taking part in the activity as a fun event;
  • Students accumulating volunteer hours.

If you are interested in volunteering at this year's Fort Town Steampunk Festival, please register now and don't forget to read the

If you would like to register as a Volunteer, please
Click Here and complete the Volunteer Form. If you require additional information, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at