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What is Steampunk?

Put simply "Steampunk" is "Victorian era science fiction," but it encompasses so much more than that. In the last decade, Steampunk has evolved into a complex community of artists, engineers, writers, musicians, and more; what started as a fringe group has become increasingly popular and makes its way into mainstream media. As an event, it is fair to say that Steampunk is the new renaissance festival, but instead of knights and jesters, we encounter top hats, bustles, and eccentric inventors.

What is the Festival?

The Fort Town Steampunk Festival is a fundraising event for the Greater Fort Town Area Charity to support local youth programming (e.g., Youth Movement Project, Scouts Canada). But once more, it is so much more than that. The programming includes music, dancing, entertainment performances, exhibits and displays of art, costumes, and props, and so much more.

Our tournament style events allow various groups from cities across the region to come together and compete in eccentric and somewhat extreme sports and contests. Duelists shoot it out with foam darts, compete in Tea Duelling, and pose for success with parasols in hand. A Scavenger Hunt provides a unique experience to the Festival. A Mystery Adventure invites attendees to dress-up and become world renown detectives and solve a historical murder.

Why would you wish to sponsor the Festival?

The Greater Fort Town Area Charity is growing in our community and helping youth programming. Our event is becoming a "must see" experience, peeking interest from visitors from all over our region, around the province of Ontario, from other provinces, and from our southern friends. With the growing popularity, we are inviting you to be part of an authentic experience.

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